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Being kind of a nerd, I have several online profiles you can use to contact me–no, eHarmony is not one of them. Provided you are not creepy, I’m open to connecting with new people. I’m especially interested in connecting with people who share my love of Disney. It’s rare that I can stop talking about it and I’m sure my current friends would love it if I talked to someone else about it for a change! 🙂






There is a caveat for facebook — I’m not a friend collector and I don’t want to be your neighbor in FarmVille. I’m more likely to accept a friend request if I know you or if we have some kind of interaction (email, messages, comments, etc.) beforehand so I know you’re not secretly a robot who just wants to fill my wall with app requests. I add and keep friends I interact with regularly, but if that’s not your cup of tea (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) then maybe Google+ or Twitter is a better place for us to connect.


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