Who is Tiffany Lee?

This blog was created to answer that question.

As a student of leadership, I wanted to create a place to document my leadership journey. By “leadership journey,” I don’t mean a log of my accomplishments, promotions, increases in responsibility, padding in my paycheck, or anything like that. I mean true concepts of leadership and progressive thought. I plan to use this blog to capture my insights on leadership and innovation, take note of what I value in my leaders and would like to emulate, and of course talk about the things I’m passionate about.

Similarly, I don’t intend to use this blog to “prescribe” leadership tactics to others. Leadership is a very personal thing because it is driven by your values and beliefs. If I absolutely positively had to prescribe anyone who reads this blog with a silver bullet for leadership it would be to start a blog like this of your own and explore for yourself what’s important to you. That being said, leadership is fundamentally not something you can do or even study in solitude. So, if someone else should want to join me on my journey and offer words of wisdom or lively discussion, I’m more than happy to have you!

So here’s what I know about who Tiffany Lee is at the outset of this blog:

  • I’m a VCU School of Business Graduate (Go Rams!)
  • I have an MBA from Penn State (and Nittany Lions!)
  • My pre-graduation experience included 5 years as an Assistant Manager at Laser Quest, where I learned some of my earliest and most poignant lessons in leadership and management. Here, I managed people who were both my direct reports and my high school classmates (I was promoted to Assistant Manager my senior year in High School) – talk about lessons in how to (and how not to) lead people!
  • Since graduating, I’ve spent the last 5 years at a Fortune 500 CPG company in various roles (Business Analyst, QA Lead, Project Lead, Associate Project Manager, Communications Specialist) in IT, Sales, and Marketing functions
  • I’m a rabid fan of all things Disney, and for full disclosure I will probably find ways to fit leadership, technology, and innovation lessons inspired by Disney into my blog posts regularly


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