People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It

A timely video of Simon Sinek in a TED Talk from 2009 relating to the idea of believing in what you do and how it impacts others. I love TED Talks, and I watch a few each week, but a friend sent this one over to me after reading my posts about personal values and mission statements.

The only thing in this video I don’t like is the ending. He makes a distinction between “leaders” and “those who lead,” but I think his definition relates more to titles than it does the capacity to lead. At some point trying to distinguish “managers” vs. “leaders” vs. “those who lead” vs. “people who lead people” or other definitions just becomes a word game. The point is taken, though, that leadership is not synonymous with power.

WordPress won’t let me embed the video, but check it out on the TED site. And if you have never been here before, browse around for topics that interest you. This is a great resource to give your brain some exercise.

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Have a great (and safe!) 4th of July weekend! I’m off to the Outer Banks for the weekend.


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